Beauty activate 60ml

375,00 kr inkl. moms


Peelar och rengör huden, vilket lämnar ett mjukt och smidigt resultat.


Peelar och rengör huden, vilket lämnar ett mjukt och smidigt resultat.
Innehåll: Peelmoist, fruktmassa (gul mombin, mango, banan), ectoin, Kahai oljor, Tsubaki och Macadamia, vit. E, organisk glycerol.
Användning: Applicera ett tunt skikt av peeling på den rengjorda huden, massera in den försiktigt och låt den sitta i 5-10 minuter. Skölj därefter noggrant med varmt vatten.
Applicera därefter serum, kräm eller mask.
Product description

The Secret Anti Age Recipe A new and luxurious line of natural cosmetics with neurocosmetic activity. World’s premium, 100% natural cosmetics, advanced luminescence connection, biomimetic activity, modern permeation promoters and plant substances with a strong clinical proven anti-aging and anti-wrinkle action. Recipe ECTOIN an amino acid that ensures a deep and lasting hydration of the skin. Increases its resistance to external factors and UV radiation. KAHAI oil is extremely valuable with a strong anti-aging effect, also called vegetable retinol. Contains three times more natural retinol than rose oil and 50% more vitamin E and linoleic acid than argan oil. Hydrates, tightens and rejuvenates the skin, activates the process of its renewal, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, solves problems. MIRTILLE WAX – Eco-friendly silicone equivalent Creates a smooth and breathable protective film on the skin, extends cosmetic care. PEELMOIST an intelligent component that increases the percutaneous penetration of papaine – an enzyme with exfoliating properties. It forms the shape of a molecular molecular film on the skin, preventing uncontrolled detachment of the epidermis. TSUBAKI oil pressed from Japanese camellia seeds. Appreciated for strong anti-aging properties. Nourishes, strengthens and tones the skin and eliminates discolouration and scars. Exotic fruit pulp extract of yellow mombin, mango and banana pulp. Works strongly by exfoliating, refreshes and softens the epidermis. Why does it work? The effectiveness of peeling results from the combination of components in synergy that act. Combined, leaves skin thoroughly clean from the dead epidermis The unique molecular and molecular film shape prevents uncontrolled detachment of the epidermis.

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